Jewelry Headdresses course

In the Jewelry Headdresses Course our students will learn how to make structures on which to work alpaca patterns, finishing with swaroski crystal. They will also design jeweled headdresses mixing with flowers, pistils and other pieces and finishing with silk. They will also learn how to make a very special piece, a bridal comb. In this way they will acquire the necessary knowledge to make the most special and exclusive headdresses. In short, the realization of the pieces of this course of Mibúh have as many possibilities as occasions, and this is something most gratifying.


The completion schedule may vary depending on the needs and pace of the students. That is, in Mibúh we like to serve both our clients and our students in the most personalized way possible. Therefore, and taking into account that each student has a different level and pace of work, we adapt to the needs of each one. That is why the timetable at the end of the course may be different from one student to another.


Module I

Elaboration of two pieces in pewter and choice of brass pieces to decorate with glass. Decoration of pieces of tin and different metals with crystal. That is to say, in this module the students will learn how to elaborate the pieces and to choose the appropriate materials to carry out the elaboration of the headdress.

Module II

Assembly of a cap headdress, using the different pieces of tin, metals and glass that have been elaborated using the wiring technique. Finally, the students will assemble the headdress and will achieve a very exclusive result.


Use of different types of textile materials

When making a jeweled headdress, different textile materials can be used. That is why in the jewelry headdresses course we will show which are the most suitable for each occasion and how to work them.

Molding and tin working technique

Pewter is one of the most common materials used in jewelry headdresses. That is why we dedicate a part of the course to teach how to work with this material.

Design and elaboration of different pieces

During the course we will design and elaborate different pieces. That is, at the end of the course our students will have a multitude of possibilities when designing a jeweled headdress.

Clamping and wiring of parts

One of the most important steps when making a jeweled headdress is the fastening and wiring of the pieces. Moreover, by carrying out this step correctly, we will obtain a quality result.

Glass decoration with glue

One of the ways to decorate jeweled headdresses is with glass with glue. This is a technique that must be executed with delicacy. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to perform it properly so that the result is the desired one.

Silk thread wiring and haute couture trimmings

Wiring with silk thread ensures a good result of the jeweled headdress. In the Mibúh course we transmit to our students the passion for headdresses and for good work. That is why we teach the finishing touches of haute couture. Ultimately, this is how we will have a unique and quality finish.

The price includes all the material to carry out the course jewel headdresses. In Mibúh we take care of providing our students with the pieces of tin and metals decorated with glass to then perform an assembly in sinamay cap, always within a previously established prices. In this way the students will not have to worry about having to bring the material.

PRICE: 252€


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