Jewelry Headdresses online course

In this very special online course of jeweled headdresses, we will learn how to make a "jewel assembly" that we will later apply and mount on a headband or as a tiara directly on the head.

It is called "jewel" not because jewelry techniques are used, but because we use Swarovski Crystal and a noble and malleable material such as tin. We will try and take the utmost care of the finishes, we will work the technique of special wiring for jewelry pieces, metal molding, hollowing and placement of the crystal, and we will also make the selection of other pieces that we will add to our final design.

After the workshop we will be able to wire pieces to different supports and make our own templates and designs of jewelry pieces.

It is not a course only suitable for the design of headwear pieces, it is also very practical to include in bridal collections by applying it on or for collections of accessories such as footwear, jewel belts, handbags ...


1 . Presentation of the material

2 . Metal preparation

3 . Patterns and templates

4 . Velvet lining

5 . Velvet lining

6 . Placement of the glass

7 . Support and materials

8 . Assembly of my part

There is no material included but you can find it all at

If you can't find something, please contact us at 678 87 54 02.

Resources we include

Inspirational photos

We have a large number of graphic resources to inspire us. So that you can always physically see each of the concepts that we explain. Likewise, we will adopt specific techniques of some of these designs, with which to acquire fluency when designing and manufacturing your own piece. Because, without any doubt, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Content divided into lessons to get the most out of it

Our online jewelry headdress course is designed so that in a short time you can master each of the techniques with which to design a unique piece. That does not mean that we overlook some concepts, but we have condensed all the knowledge in a few lessons, so that you get a practice-oriented training in a very short time.

Once you have downloaded the course you can do it whenever you want.

Another of our advantages is that you are not tied to a specific schedule. In fact, you can organize yourself as it suits you best and even repeat some lessons that have not been completely clear to you. A flexible schedule and your own schedule to enjoy our training whenever you want.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate

Upon completion of the training you will receive a certification that you can add to your curriculum. Whether you want to start your own business or if you are looking to be part of a company in the design and fashion sector, this is the course for you. A way to differentiate yourself from others in a professional and fully certified way.

Tutorials to solve doubts through e-mail

In addition, with our course you will have a personalized attention through our email,, from where we advise and assist you during and after the course.

Material required

→ We will use Swarovski or Preciosa Crystal which is more economical.

→ For the structures a tin plate of thickness approx. 1mm is required.

→ Long costume jewelry tops.

→ Velvet ribbons or fabric remnants for finishing.

→ Araldit as glue.

→ Wired applications (if desired ) are available from

→ Silk thread in the desired color.

→ Headband or headdress base, comb or the support we choose for our final design.

→ Metal tweezers

→ Metal Wire Lined.

And lots of imagination and patience!

COURSE PRICE: 1̶5̶0̶€̶ 135€

Note: material is not included

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