On-site course of Hattery

With this millinery course we will teach all attendees to create different designs of hats and headdresses. Both the technique to follow, as well as a first approach to the materials used to achieve a professional finish. In the same way, students will be shown the difference between the different types of lasts, their uses and certain recommendations to take into account when assembling them.

For this course it is necessary to have some basic notions of sewing, as they will be carried out processes of basting, stitching, simple stitches, etc.. In this way, through this learning process, the attendees will carry out assemblies of cups with wings. In addition to carrying out the initial assembly of your hat, so they need to be familiar with different fundamental sewing techniques.

Thus, in this millinery course our students will learn to carry out an integral assembly of different hat designs. It is essential, for this, to access a training that puts students in contact with the different designs of lasts, fabrics or details (both textile and rhinestones or other details, such as fastenings) to give a professional result with Haute Couture finishes.


Completion of the course will depend on the delivery of the modules and the general pace of the class.

2. Students with different levels of training, who acquire knowledge at their own pace.

3. The objective is the satisfaction of the students and they can carry out in an autonomous way all that they have learned in it.

4. The total price of the course includes all the necessary material for the elaboration of design pieces.

5. Thus, all the necessary material will be provided by Mibúh for the perfect development of the activities and program.


Differentiation between design fabrics

In hat design, one of the most essential aspects is the use of the right fabrics. For this it is essential that the student distinguishes between the different qualities of the fabrics, as well as the most suitable uses for each of the parts of the hat or headdress. That is to say, each of these fabrics will give rise to different and original pieces.

Wooden forging and deforging

Working with different types of mouldings is essential to know how to distinguish what type of design we are going to manufacture. Depending on the type of baking, the final result will be one or the other, giving rise to pieces of different styles and nature.

Use and application of different types of hardeners

There are a large number of hardeners, each of them indicated for a different type of design, as they give a different finish in each case.

Feather treatment and molding

Feathers are one of the most elegant elements in hats or headdresses. Thus, the reshaping and combination of them is essential to give a more professional finish to the piece. In this course you will learn techniques that will help you to give that impeccable final look.

Bias cut

This type of cut gives certain characteristics to the design, since it involves cutting the fabric diagonally, which gives the fabric a certain elasticity that is essential when making a design.

Placement of tulles and veils

Just like feathers, the placement of this type of decorative elements is basic for the final finish of the hat or headdress we are designing. In addition to personal criteria, it is advisable to be aware of trends in millinery to create the perfect piece.

Types of fasteners

In this section we will see everything related to the finishes and the types of fastening of the headdresses or hats made.

Haute Couture Auctions

What really gives an added value to each of the pieces that we will create is the design, the use of materials, but above all, the finishes. It is essential to have the mastery and knowledge necessary to achieve a quality piece. For this, we will finish with the module of Haute Couture finishing.

Finally, it is specified that in this course two headdresses will be made:

Sinamay PamelaThe assembly of prefabricated sinamay wings and canopies will be undertaken.

Sinamay forming, forming of the cap with all sinamay material in meters.

The objective of this and other courses is that attendees acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out the design and manufacture of different models of hats or headdresses.

PRICE: 322€

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