On-site stonework course

In this rhinestones course we teach our students the Japanese technique of embroidery in three dimensions, with which embroidered rhinestones designs are made. In this course we work on different supports. That is, we teach our students the technique to make hats, dresses and shoes among other garments and accessories. In this way they acquire knowledge that they can apply in the most versatile way. That is why this course is a great option for those who want to learn how to use this technique in the most varied way.


The timetable for completion may vary depending on the needs and pace of the students. That is, it is very important to us that our students finish the course satisfactorily. We have students of different levels in the stonework course.

That is why we are aware that everyone has a different pace and needs. For this reason we adapt to each one of them so that when they finish the course they achieve a satisfactory result and take home the finished pieces.


Our students will learn in the rhinestones course to elaborate embroidery in three dimensions. They will do it by combining different needles with which they will achieve haute couture finishes. In the rhinestones course we will work applying rhinestones in hats, specifically in a sinamay cap assembly.

Finally, at the end of the course, our students will be able to apply this technique to any other type of garment or accessory. The garments and accessories with three-dimensional or relief rhinestones applications provide an elegant and original result to the look.

Resources we include

Design, distribution and application of rhinestones

When working with rhinestones it is very important to take into account from the design to the application of the same. In short, each step is important to achieve a perfect result. In our rhinestones course we teach our students every part of the process.

Use of different fabrics

The choice of the fabric on which to apply the rhinestones is very important to achieve an ideal result. That is to say, not all fabrics are suitable when applying rhinestones. For this reason, if we want to work the rhinestones on a fabric, we will have to see if it will look good and what is the result we want to achieve.

Technique of application to different materials such as sinamay bunta

When applying the rhinestones, it is necessary to take into account the material on which we are doing it. Each one must be worked with a different technique. In short, with Mibúh 's beading course we transmit to our students the necessary knowledge about the best techniques to carry out this embroidery.

Intensive one and a half day monograph

The duration of the rhinestones course is one and a half days. Therefore, during this time we teach our students the necessary techniques so that they can take home a headdress made by themselves. They will also take home samples of the different styles embroidered during the course.

The price includes all the material for the elaboration of pieces of tin and metals decorated with glass, to then make an assembly in sinamay cap, always within a previously established prices. First of all, Mibúh will provide the students with the necessary material for the elaboration of pieces of tin and metals decorated with glass. To finish with them will be a sinamay cap assembly.
In short, in the rhinestones course students will learn an embroidery in haute couture rhinestones dedicated to basic embroidery, which gives the piece the first fine stitching technique and embroidery in the third dimension. That is to say, with relief.

PRICE: 492€.


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