Course of Porcelain Flowers

In the porcelain flowers course our students will learn how to work the porcelain dough and dye it. That is to say, in Mibúh we teach the necessary techniques to achieve that this mass does not crack and to be able to give different finishes. In this way, after drying the pieces, you will get perfect flowers to mount them on accessories such as tiaras. An assembly that we will also work on.


The timetable for completion may vary depending on the needs and pace of the students. That is, for us it is very important that our students finish the course satisfactorily, achieving the objectives. In the porcelain flowers course we have students of different levels. That is why we keep in mind that each one has a different pace and different needs. We adapt to each one so that when they finish the course they have obtained a satisfactory result and take home the finished pieces.

At the end of the course the students will only take the flowers they have made with them. We also have a tiara course where they can make different versions of this accessory and take them home. They can also modify it to design different collections.


Our students will learn in the porcelain flowers course how to work the dough and give it the shape of a flower without breaking it. When working with porcelain, it is necessary to have certain dexterity and sensitivity, because it is one of the most delicate materials. Then, once the flowers are made, they must be left to dry. Finally, when the drying is complete, at Mibúh we will show you how to mount them on the tiaras to achieve an elegant and sophisticated complement.

In short, we teach a course in which we transmit the necessary knowledge to be able to make this star complement.


Use of different types of materials

In the porcelain flowers course the main material is porcelain. It is a very sensitive material that can easily crack if it is not given the proper treatment. That is why in Mibúh one of the aspects that we emphasize in this course is how to work with it, in order to achieve a perfect result.

Moldings and specific working techniques on Russian porcelains

Each type of porcelain has a different working technique and a different way of molding. In our case we will work with Russian porcelain, one of the easiest to work with and easy to dry.

Porcelain dyeing and painting

Once we have elaborated the porcelain flower, we must move on to the dyeing and painting process. Finally, it is essential to learn how to dye and paint the piece well so that the result is adequate and the work finishes well, always using the indicated materials.

Design, shapes and cuts of different types of leaves and flowers

In this case the shape we are going to work with is the flower. There is a great variety of leaves and flowers. In the porcelain flowers course we teach our students to design and elaborate different styles. In short, a versatile course to carry out different designs.

The price includes all the material for the elaboration of porcelain flowers and leaves in different sizes. In Mibúh we take care of providing the students with the necessary material for the elaboration of the pieces. That is, we provide both the porcelain and the material to dye and paint the pieces.

The student will take home a great variety of flowers and leaves so that he/she can assemble them whenever he/she wants. At the end of the porcelain flowers course our students will take home all the flowers they have made. Then they will be able to assemble them in the complements that they wish, achieving the most original and sophisticated result.

PRICE: 232€.

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