Course of Diadems

In this headbands course, the elaboration of special width headbands in textile or millinery material such as sinamay or buntal is carried out. Throughout the course we teach our students to use different techniques for the elaboration of this versatile accessory. We also provide the necessary material for the elaboration of the headbands. In short, when teaching the courses our goal is to offer personalized attention to our students so that they acquire as much knowledge as possible and the result of their elaborations is perfect.


The price includes all the material for the elaboration of the pieces that are the objective of the course, always within previously established prices. In Mibúh we provide our students with the necessary material for the design of the headbands. In this way we make sure that the best and most suitable materials are used in the headbands course depending on the result to be obtained, since for us it is very important the personalized attention to our students and facilitate as much as possible the learning process.


Module I

Manufacture of special width headband in textile or headgear material such as sinamay or buntal. That is, in the first module of the headband course we teach how to make a special width headband with different materials.

Module II

Embossed headband lined in textile. In the second module you will learn how to make a headband with relief. In short, a detail with which to achieve volume and originality.

Module III

Making of a knotted headband. In the last module of the course the protagonist is the knotted headband. As a result we will have a trendy accessory that offers a multitude of possibilities to complete a look.

Knowledge to be acquired

Use of different materials and fabrics

When making headbands, very different materials and fabrics can be used. That is why each one is worked in a different way depending on its characteristics. For this reason it is important to choose the right ones depending on the type of headband to be made. In Mibúh's headbands course we teach how to make headbands in textile as well as in other materials such as sinamay or buntal, the most appropriate materials when designing this accessory.

Design and manufacture of different types of headbands, wide, knotted, padded...

The headband is a very versatile accessory. That is to say, there are different sizes, with different finishes, with different details. That is why it is important to learn from the choice and handling of the base to the lining and final finish, including the choice of materials, colors or details to be used.

Lining, finishing and couture finishes

To obtain a good result when making a headband, it is essential that the lining and finishes are well done. As a result, we will get a quality accessory that will make a difference and will last over time. That is why one of the most important parts of our headband course is the lining, finishing and haute couture finishes.

The completion schedule may vary according to the needs and pace of the students. One of our objectives when teaching the tiara course is that our students finish the course with the complete elaboration of the pieces. That is why we adapt to the pace of each student and take into account their needs to achieve the best possible result.

PRICE: 197€


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