On-site Trimming course

This hat shaping course is considered as a first step to the design of hats and headdresses and their manufacture. It is important that the first time you face a design of this type of complements you know, on the one hand, the materials and on the other hand how to arrange them in the design. This course will teach you how to treat the materials, how to shape them according to your criteria and how to make everything look matching and elegant.

This first approach consists of a much more general training, which will be refined in the rest of the process. It is necessary to think that the treatment and design of the headdress is a rigorous, elegant and sophisticated specialization. In which the care of the details and finishes undoubtedly makes the difference between a good piece or not.

In Mibúh we will give you all the keys to perfectly control hat lasts in any of its variants.


We believe in a close training, creating links so that students are left with the satisfaction of having learned everything they need. We have small groups of people (no more than 6) which allows us to have a more direct contact. This way you will know perfectly the different types of dressings, feathers, making lace patterns, flower and tulle treatment, etc.

The duration of the course will depend on the learning capacity of the students. All the materials you need are included in the price allowing you to experiment with hat design options and to choose.


First step

The hat mold is the fundamental piece on which the rest of the design is based. That is why it is essential to control this part of the manufacturing process, which will be decisive in almost all cases. Therefore, with this hat molding course we intend to give you an approach to the most common materials used in the design, as well as their different uses. Depending on the style and type of headdress or headband, so will be the base or the main manufacturing material.

Balance in design and versatility

Design and versatility go hand in hand when creating iconic pieces that can be worn on special occasions. In the manufacture of headdresses, finishes are essential. Something that determines the quality of the design. For this reason, each step must be well understood. These are steps that each of our students will have to climb.

Use of materials

Knowing how to treat the different materials that make up a good headdress. Use of veils, silk, tulle, sinamay silk, rhinestones... Each of these materials and their characteristics are essential to make a good design. They do not have the same fall and body, so depending on what we want to achieve, we will use some or others. The great handling of these materials will make the difference.

There is a wide range of options from which our students can choose the specialization in which they are most proficient or in which they feel most comfortable.

Thanks to our hat shaping training courses, you will have access to all the necessary materials to create unique pieces that will make your imagination fly and make it possible.

Tool handling

the creation and manufacture of headdresses is a very personal design specialization. It requires skill, patience and imagination. That is why one of our main challenges with respect to our students is to make them handle all the tools at their disposal. In this way and as if it were a pyramid, they will gradually acquire the necessary knowledge to make this hobby a profession.


In this course we will teach classes related to the use of wiring, the different possible fabrics, stiffeners or formed. As well as the use of different techniques for the use of color with dyeing of fabrics or arrangement of details. In all cases a professional finishing is necessary. That is why we will teach our students haute couture sewing techniques that make the stitching not visible. Any previous knowledge will be an advantage, but it is not necessary to have been in contact with this type of activity before.

Thanks to our hat shaping training courses, you will have access to all the necessary materials to create unique pieces that will make your imagination fly and make it possible.

Material included in the price

PRICE: 197€


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