On-site Sinamay Silk Course

With this course of sinamay silk we will teach all attendees to create different designs of hats and headdresses. Sinamay silk is a relatively new fabric that offers endless options when designing headdresses, headbands or turbans. Because of its physical qualities and its incredible beauty, this material is perfect for creating designer collection pieces, with a touch of distinction and sophistication. Likewise, we will approach the work of silk to form elegant and original shapes and structures. Due to its characteristics, this type of material is one of the most suitable when it comes to creating headwear pieces.


First of all, in this millinery course our students will learn how to treat such a delicate material as sinamay silk. They will understand its uses and possibilities when creating original designs in which different materials are combined to create a professional result. It is essential to know the characteristics of the materials with which we work in order to get the most out of them and combine them to find the perfect headdress, headband or turban.


At Mibúh we provide the students with the different materials with which the practices of the course will be carried out. Thus, the price includes all these types of materials and is previously established. Each of the modules or pieces made will be different, due to the versatility of such an interesting material as silk. In this way, different types of pieces will be available, as well as different types of ornamentation, giving rise to different designs. This is thanks to the infinite possibilities that a material such as silk offers, which can be used to create very attractive pieces.

To attend the course, a minimum knowledge of sewing is required, as sewing of pieces and hems will be carried out.

Resources we include

We will talk about this precious material and its origin as well as how to mold it.

The Sinamay silk is the mixture of silk with abaca and although its use before of headgear was the decoration with this fabric composition we will work very architectural forms and u no vas

We will carry out 3 projects in the same course

We will make a full knotted headband in this material and possible variations.

In addition, we will make a headdress working on a last (in this case a head) and we will make shapes. 
And finally a turban on a base adapting the fabric and molding with the previous techniques acquired.
Finishing, dyeing and finishing

Silk has a peculiar way of dyeing, shaping and sewing that leaves a perfect finish.

Fastening systems
We will also see how to use the different systems available for the different projects, studying in detail how to fasten them depending on their subsequent placement.

In conclusion, the objective of this and other courses is that attendees acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out the design and manufacture of different models of hats or headdresses.

In the case of the sinamay silk courseOnce the students are familiar with the material used and the way of finishing it, each piece will be unique and unrepeatable. In this way, we encourage each of them to give free rein to their creativity. An exciting workshop where theory becomes practice and magic.

PRICE: 212€


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